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CSSG, Inc. consistently provides prompt,
funds disbursing

Here's an overview of the funds flow process. 


First a confidential disbursing account is set up for your firm's disbursement program. 


Funds are released by the owner or general contractor directly to CSSG, Inc. or directly to the banking institution for deposit into the disbursing account.


Upon receipt and verification of contract funds, properly executed receipts, sworn statements and lien waivers, CSSG, Inc. will then disburse requested funds directly to the required payees with 24 hours. Checks are written in the contractor's name on the contractor's check stock. As a result, subcontractors and suppliers are not made aware of the existence of a disbursement.

Here's how our funds disbursement program works.  

•  When underwriting a bond, the Surety, may include funds disbursement as a condition of the bond. A funds disbursement company such as CSSG, Inc. will collect and disburse project funds from start to finish. 

•  CSSG, Inc. will draw up an agreement between CSSG, Inc. and the contractor (Principal) – this document is signed by CSSG, Inc. and the Principle. Also included in the agreement is the Exhibit A, which is signed by the Principal and project owner (Obligee). Once these two documents are executed CSSG, Inc. will confirm with the Surety and the surety will release the bond. 

•  CSSG, Inc. will open a separate and job specific checking account in the Principal’s name and will act as the signer on the account. When checks are cut from the account each check will be written with the Principal’s name listed as the payer.

•  CSSG, Inc. will confirm the Exhibit A with the Obligee. This form states CSSG, Inc. will handle all funds associated with the project and should be sent either to the address or bank account listed on the form.

•  Prior to the project start the Principal will submit the Project Fact Sheet, Cost Breakdown, and Subcontractor and Supplier List & Costs. These forms can be found under the ‘Getting Started’ section on Forms page.

•  CSSG, Inc. informs the Principle every time funds are received from the Obligee. The Principle then submits subcontractor payment, supplier/vendor payment, contractor reimbursement, and payroll that is due for that draw. These forms can be found under the ‘Getting Paid’ section on the Forms page. These forms as well as the necessary backup, invoices and/or proof of payment are required for every draw. 

•  Once all paperwork and funds are received CSSG, Inc. will review, process and cut checks form the Principal’s account. The Principal will direct CSSG, Inc. how to send out checks.  

•  For checks written over $1,000.00 a lien release will be attached. Lien releases will need to be signed, notarized, and sent back before the next payment is processed. It is the Principal’s responsibility to ensure all releases are returned.

•  From the time that all paperwork and funds are received CSSG, Inc. strives for a 24-48 hour turnaround.

•  Once a project has reached completion. Close out procedures will come into effect. This will include, all final releases received from all vendors, a signed Certificate of Completion from the owner which states the acceptance date and final contract price, as well as a signed and notarized All Bills Paid Affidavit. Final lien releases and the All Bills Paid Affidavit will be supplied by CSSG, Inc. Once all documents are in place CSSG, Inc. will reach out to the surety to receive authorization to release any final funds in the account.

Our team of experts are ready to answer any questions regarding the funds disbursement process, or to discuss your next project. Give us a call today at 281.298.5161. 

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