Vice Presiden

Bret Chapman, vice president of CSSG, Inc., is responsible for introducing new contractors to the disbursement process and setting up new agreements and contracts. Bret's works directly with contractors and sureties on a daily basis, and maintains disbursement accounts in the processing of receivables and payables.   l   281.298.5161, Ext. 202

Executive Vice President - Aacon, Inc. 
Pictured with wife, Sharron, Arnold Aker, former owner of Aacon Inc., has more than thirty year's of experience in the surety claims industry, including the use of Disbursement Control Accounts as a risk mitigation tool. Arnold also brings forty plus years of hands on construction experience in all capacities from laborer/carpentor tradesman to construction company ownership.   940.665.1399


Beth Gary, president of CSSG, Inc., has been with the company since 2005. CSSG, Inc. has continued to thrive and in 2012, she purchased competitor company, Aacon, Inc. Beth's expertise is arranging and facilitating disbursement agreements and contracts between contractors, project owners, sureties, and banks.   l   281.298.5161, Ext. 201