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CSSG, Inc. is a premier provider of surety and construction disbursement services. We represent a variety of surety bond companies, bonding agents, financial institutions and general and subcontractor clients, equipping them with an efficient and timely method with which to control and disburse contract funds to subcontractors and suppliers.

While you can't avoid risk, you can reduce it—even profit from it. Our services are designed to help you control risk every step of the way.

Disbursement Process

    The Benefits of Our Service


   Saves time and reduces risk
   Reduces potential bond payment problems
   Oversees overhead costs and protects cash flow
   Compares actual cost to budgeted costs
   Decreases, eliminates or provides for                        disbursement build up of collateral for surety            purposes
   Eliminates joint check agreements and multiple        check requirements
   Protects payment exposure for all subcontract          funds
   Simplifies lien releases preparation, collection          and organization
   Assists internal management of subcontractors
   Enhances back office operations